Purely Perfect exclusively at Vivian Lee Style

I discovered Hairstory Studio and Purely Perfect products back in July while doing research for my annual trip for education in NYC. It wasn’t until I left the studio on that September afternoon; having spent 5 hours getting my hair done and talking with the amazing Wes Sharpton and Roxie Darling- and meeting Michael Gordon (blew my mind, didn’t think that was going to happen) that I realized how big and special this was going to be – and how lucky I was to have found it (been there).

From the founder of Bumble and Bumble, Purely Perfect IS the next big thing happening in hair care products. Read all about these 3 must-have Purely Perfect products available at my Fremont salon

Purely Perfect Products

  • Purely Perfect Cleansing Creme – $40

The cleansing cream does not strip the hair. Purely Perfect’s Cleansing cream is made with aloe vera and a blend of essential oils including jojoba,sunflower & peppermint which do the work that detergents normally do while gently emulsifying impurities. Not to mention your hair color will not fade, and scalp issues are a thing of the past. Even the handful of men in my clientele will be using this product!

  • Purely Perfect Foundation Creme – $40

The foundation creme is great to calm thick, course hair and easily define curls.

  • Purely Perfect Smooth Finish – $34

Last but certainly not least – Purely Perfect’s Smooth finish is for designed for ultimate body and control when blow drying and light enough for the finest hair, they can also be used together smooth finish to set and then foundation creme to detail.

Don’t forget – ALL of these Purely Perfect hair products are available exclusively at Vivian Lee Style in Seattle, and can be shipped at no charge anywhere in Seattle.


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