Vivian Lee Makeovers

Check out the latest before and after pics from the studio… I love this part of my job, it makes my day! xx


Wanting to be lighter, I balayaged this client, and added low lights for more contrast. Invisible layers added softness and she loved the results.


My client wanted a new edgy look. Her mother not so much. So I did a razor cut with lots of texturizing. She loved it (edgy), her Mom loved it (no shaved sides).


Before and after Keratin treatment – amazing results that the client loved. The picture speaks for itself!


She was ready for the chop so we went for it and what a transformation! Beautiful before and after, but change is always good, and this new look is easy to manage and modern.


With this client we went from golden blonde to a cool creamy blonde and look at those blue eyes pop as a result! To accentuate her great cheekbones and jawline, I kept some length on top and shagged out the bottom. Love it.